An Almost Mid-Summer Update

I can hardly believe that it is almost the middle of July! The summer has just been flying by. Since it’s summer, I don’t like to turn the oven very much (or even at all) which is why the baking posts have been almost non-existent for the last couple of weeks. Not to mention I’ve personally been busy with a lot of different activities and trips into Manhattan.

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I am hoping to come up with a no-bake recipe for this weekend. That means it’ll either be banana pudding or one of the icebox dessert recipes. While the Grasshopper Bars look really good, I’m not sure how the mint flavor will go over with the people who will be eating them.

Instead of heating up the house by turning the oven on, I have been spending most of my free time crocheting.

I will, once again, being entering the rehearsal phase of another local theater show in the coming weeks. So, I am trying to finish at least one of the blankets by the first week of August. It would be a miracle if I could finish both of the “rush” projects.

This is all in preparation for most of my free time being devoted to theater. Even though I do get some evenings off, the last thing I’ll want to do is pick up the hook and yarn. Especially in the month of August when it’s typically unbearably hot.

I am also hoping to take up quilting again once the show opens. The performance period, more often than not, requires less time. I only have to go to the theater for the performances, so many of my weeknights are open once again. I really want to finish the quilt I started earlier in the year that I was making alongside one of the classes on Craftsy. If you are looking to expand your current craft skills or start something, I highly recommend you purchase a Craftsy Gold Membership. It is extremely worth while. There is also more available on there than you would think. You could improve your baking and cooking skills alongside with learning a new craft like jewelry making or creative writing.* I already have my next quilting project in mind so I can’t wait to move onto it.

I tend to not do theater in the winter months due to the distance that I live from many of the theaters I have a relationship with. So, I’m looking forward to spending the colder and darker winter evenings near my sewing machine.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy all that summer has to offer. Even if that means baking less treats! Until next time, readers…

Please note: This is NOT a sponsored post by Craftsy. I just really enjoy their service. You may as well.


One thought on “An Almost Mid-Summer Update

  1. Hi Ryan- You are my hero! I wish I could get a project started (and more importantly finished) during the summer. I envy your passion!!!! Let us know when/where your newest play will be- maybe we will go……


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