Hi There!

I’m Ryan and I love to cook. I also have an unhealthy obsession with some celebrity chefs, so last year I started cooking my way through various cookbooks to combine two things that I love.

This blog is all about that project. You can find recipe review posts, tidbits about cooking, reviews of restaurants that I go to, and maybe even an original recipe every now and then.

What are the cookbooks I’m cooking through?

The Pioneer Woman Cooks line of cookbooks by Ree Drummond as well as The Magnolia Bakery Handbook by Bobbie Lloyd. Interested in seeing how these projects are coming along?

Click on The Kitchen Journal Recipe Index to find out!

The Latest Entries in the Journal

A Plan for the Future

This month has been a weird one for me, blogging-wise. Shortly after beginning my foray into cooking all Ree Drummond’s recipes, I started to lose interest for some reason. I can’t really put my finger on why it happened. But, I just accepted it and kind of went with the feeling, hoping for the interest to return one day.

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A Small Carrot Cake for a Celebration

Over the weekend, I made a carrot cake for my friend’s birthday. Since the celebration was small, he didn’t want a large cake. So I had the perfect idea: a 6-inch cake! I’ve always wanted to make a small cake, so this was the perfect opportunity. The recipe came from Sally’s Baking Addiction. She has many 6-inch cake recipes on her website and has found…

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Magnolia Bakery 13 – Cracked Sugar Cookies

Last weekend was full of baking! It began with the Harvest Apple Cupcakes which were a big hit! However, the baking bug was not satiated, so I had the urge to make cookies. Plus, what else is there to do on a gloomy fall Sunday afternoon? I knew cookies would be far less time consuming than something like cupcakes. Plus, leftovers are much easier to…

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