Magnolia Bakery 22 – Super Rich Chocolate Cake

This is not a recipe that is brand new to me. In fact, the basic cake recipe was the cake I baked for my first Magnolia Bakery Handbook recipe back in 2021. I have sensed made other versions of the recipe as other recipes such as the Caramel Cake I made in November.

For each of these recipes, the frosting is what changed. Peanut Butter buttercream was used in the first iteration and a caramel buttercream was used in November. But this time, I made the cake using the intended frosting: chocolate buttercream.

I’m not going to go into too much detail since I have made this cake a few times already. However, decorating this cake was the challenging part. It is so fragile and the fact that it is extremely moist makes it difficult to frost.

In the end, it was a great tasting cake and frosting, but it looked like something Frankenstein would’ve assembled. I made this cake for my grandmother’s birthday, but since it was only a handful of us, I opted to make another six-inch cake like I did for Valentine’s Day.

But this time, I did use all three layers and even made a smaller 4-inch layer with the leftover batter. I made the recipe from the Magnolia Bakery book and it fit perfectly into the four pans.

Despite the way that it looked, it tasted great. Even the frosting wasn’t overly sweet, which is something that I find tends to happen with American Buttercream recipes.


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