Cupcakes for Opening Night: MB Recipe 28

For the opening night of the play I’ve been working on, I decided to make cupcakes. Naturally, I chose a Magnolia Bakery recipe. This time I chose the Vanilla Cupcakes. A super simple recipe that made tasty desserts.

Since the show I’m working on is Irish-themed, I decided to make the color of the frosting match the Irish flag. I topped the cupcakes with vanilla buttercream that I dyed either green or orange (or left it “white”).

The Time I Tried to Make Peanut Butter Cookies – MB Recipe 26

With the crazy schedule I’ve been having for the better part of a month, it was a relief that I was finally able to get some time in the kitchen once again. Friday morning, I woke up looking forward to the recipe I was going to be making. It was a recipe that I had my eye on for quite some time. Unfortunately, when it came time to actually make the cookies, I realized a little too late that I had forgotten to add a key ingredient.

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Magnolia Bakery 25 – Chocolate Pudding Pie

With the Easter holiday over the weekend, I seized the opportunity to create a simple dessert for my family’s small gathering. My family is largely one of chocolate-lovers, so I decided to make one of the best chocolate pudding pies I ever had! Well, at least the pudding part was the best I ever had. The crust? Not so much…

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Magnolia Bakery 24 – Lemon Cake

True to my word, I made some time for me to bake a cake. This happened partially because I had a reason to bake. My boyfriend recently purchased a condo and to celebrate, he asked if I could make him a cake. Specifically, he wanted a lemon cake. The fact that I was able to make a lemon cake for the blog was a happy accident!

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March 2022 Baking Round-Up

This month was just not as baking-heavy as February. This tends to happen in March for me as the weather gets warmer, the days grow longer, and I start emerging from my winter semi-solitude. But, I did manage to bake two recipes, though!

In fact, many of my posts were crafting related, versus baking related.

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Birthday Cake for Dad

My father’s birthday was over the weekend. I made the cake, as usual. This year, he wanted the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. So, I made the MB cake and this time I used the called-for chocolate buttercream frosting recipe. And much like the cake, it’s stellar! The use of melted chocolate chips was a nice change from cocoa powder and it showed! Much better chocolate flavor in the frosting.

This frosting also spread much easier than the other buttercreams I’ve made. I think this cake combined with this frosting is the only chocolate combination I’ll ever need.

Magnolia Bakery 22 – Super Rich Chocolate Cake

This is not a recipe that is brand new to me. In fact, the basic cake recipe was the cake I baked for my first Magnolia Bakery Handbook recipe back in 2021. I have sensed made other versions of the recipe as other recipes such as the Caramel Cake I made in November.

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