One Final Summer Bake – MB Recipe 36

As summer comes to a close, I though it would be a good idea to take one last advantage of all the delicious berries available. Strawberry season is long gone and the drop in flavor is almost immediate. So I stayed clear of strawberries this time. For this recipe the star was blueberries.

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August 2022 Round Up

As August comes to a close, I find myself sitting at the keyboard trying to form this post. You would think that for a month where I didn’t have a lot to say, it would be easy to compile a recap. That isn’t always the case. Today is one of those days.

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Move Over Carrot Cake, I’m Coming For You! MB Recipe 34

Last week I finally treated myself to cake. Yes, cake! I have been avoiding the Cakes chapter of the Magnolia Bakery cookbook for a couple months. But I finally decided to make the cake that most intrigued me: the Hummingbird Cake.

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An Early Birthday Celebration (and Cake!) – MB Recipe 30

For many people, the month of June is a sign that there are months of warmer weather ahead. For kids, school ends and summer begins, parents are at their busiest. But for me, it’s all that and more because June is also my birth month. This year, we celebrated a little early and I, once again, made my own cake.

For those of you that are curious, you can read this post about the cake I baked myself last year. It wasn’t a Magnolia Bakery recipe. I decided to make a decadent-looking cake from Sally’s Baking Addiction. This year, however, I did make a recipe out the MBC, and let me tell you: it was everything I needed in life at that moment.

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Magnolia Bakery 24 – Lemon Cake

True to my word, I made some time for me to bake a cake. This happened partially because I had a reason to bake. My boyfriend recently purchased a condo and to celebrate, he asked if I could make him a cake. Specifically, he wanted a lemon cake. The fact that I was able to make a lemon cake for the blog was a happy accident!

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March 2022 Baking Round-Up

This month was just not as baking-heavy as February. This tends to happen in March for me as the weather gets warmer, the days grow longer, and I start emerging from my winter semi-solitude. But, I did manage to bake two recipes, though!

In fact, many of my posts were crafting related, versus baking related.

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Birthday Cake for Dad

My father’s birthday was over the weekend. I made the cake, as usual. This year, he wanted the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. So, I made the MB cake and this time I used the called-for chocolate buttercream frosting recipe. And much like the cake, it’s stellar! The use of melted chocolate chips was a nice change from cocoa powder and it showed! Much better chocolate flavor in the frosting.

This frosting also spread much easier than the other buttercreams I’ve made. I think this cake combined with this frosting is the only chocolate combination I’ll ever need.

Magnolia Bakery 22 – Super Rich Chocolate Cake

This is not a recipe that is brand new to me. In fact, the basic cake recipe was the cake I baked for my first Magnolia Bakery Handbook recipe back in 2021. I have sensed made other versions of the recipe as other recipes such as the Caramel Cake I made in November.

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What I Cooked Last Weekend

If you happened to see my post from Saturday, you’ll know that my area of the country was hit by our first major winter-storm of the season. In fact, it was the first really major storm in the last couple of years. Parts of the state I live in experienced blizzard conditions. Though we had a lot of snow at my house, we didn’t lose power, have the blizzard conditions (according to meteorologists) and overall fared pretty well. The fact that it fell on a Saturday was also nice. In the end, it basically meant I was snowed in on Saturday which gave me plenty of time to hang out in the kitchen.

I did bake, though not from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook. I also tried my hand at some more vegan recipes. Here a rundown of my time in the kitchen last week.

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