Magnolia Bakery #21 – Confetti Cookies

Despite spending some time in NYC, I did get some baking time in! But, since I was slightly exhausted Monday afternoon after returning home, I wanted something that was easy and required only a few ingredients. The answer was the colorful Confetti Cookies.

This recipe is pretty much the exact same recipe as the Cracked Sugar Cookies that I made a couple of months ago. I remember being impressed by the taste, the spread, and the overall cracked look to them. The original sugar cookies were light and sweet, just the way I like a cookie. So, I knew going in that these cookies would be similar. Since, after all, the only change was the addition of colorful, rainbow sprinkles.

Making It

As I said earlier, these cookies are super, super easy to make. The most difficult thing is that you have to separate eggs since the recipe only calls for egg yolks. However, I do think these cookies ended up falling victim to a common problem I have when baking in the winter.

I store my stand mixer in the garage when I’m not using it. Thus, the bowl gets cold. Even bringing up and allowing it to sit in the kitchen for over an hour before using it didn’t seem like long enough. The bowl was still slightly cold to the touch. This means that my room temperature butter seized back up and the sugar and butter couldn’t cream properly. Overall, it didn’t make a huge deal in the final outcome of the cookies, but they did seem a little denser than the other batch.

Another issue comes from the flour. In the middle of winter, with the heat running, there is less moisture in the air. This happens to everyone’s kitchen unless you are able to humidify your kitchen. This just means that your flour has less water in it so it actually weighs less. Which means that you actually need more flour to equal the same weight.

This can also lead to a denser and dryer cookie. Now, granted we’re not talking a huge difference, but enough to change the texture of the finished product.

Once all the ingredients were combined, I had a colorful but dry cookie dough. It was very similar to a cookie dough that you would roll out if making sugar cookie cut-outs. To portion the cookies nicely I used my trusty cookie scoop that I just love! Using a scoop helps to ensure that your cookies are the same size and will thus bake evenly.

My sheet trays were covered in mounded balls of dough. It was fun to see the sprinkles poking through at various points.

Baking It

Baking these cookies was easy and the bake time was as directed. Once again, I used the sheet trays and non-stick mats that I got as a Christmas gift. These mats have really been a game-changer for me! It makes cleanup a breeze and I don’t have to wrestle with the parchment paper. Though the set I have was a gift, you can find the ones I have at Costco. The sheet trays are Nordicware and can also be found at Costco.

Tasting It

These cookies tasted exactly like the regular Cracked Sugar Cookies, except when you bite into a piece of the sprinkles. When that happened, you would taste the flavor of the colorful sprinkle over anything else. I’ll be honest here. I used older sprinkles which could be one of the reasons why the taste was a little “off” and overwhelming.

The Verdict

While these cookies are not really anything to write home about, they are a fun and colorful take on the regular cracked sugar cookies. Another benefit to these? The recipe didn’t call for refrigerating the dough. Which means that in a cookie emergency you can whip up a batch in no time at all! Trust me, cookies emergencies are real!!


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