The Crochet Diaries June 2022

It’s been quite a crafty month for me. Though I did do some baking in June, I’d have to say that I think I made the most progress on my crochet projects. I’ve also started a new one that is working up much quicker than I expected.

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An Early Birthday Celebration (and Cake!) – MB Recipe 30

For many people, the month of June is a sign that there are months of warmer weather ahead. For kids, school ends and summer begins, parents are at their busiest. But for me, it’s all that and more because June is also my birth month. This year, we celebrated a little early and I, once again, made my own cake.

For those of you that are curious, you can read this post about the cake I baked myself last year. It wasn’t a Magnolia Bakery recipe. I decided to make a decadent-looking cake from Sally’s Baking Addiction. This year, however, I did make a recipe out the MBC, and let me tell you: it was everything I needed in life at that moment.

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Memorial Day Weekend 2022

In the U.S. we are approaching the unofficial start of summer. The last Monday in May is Memorial Day where we are supposed to reflect on those who died in active military service. More realistically the day is celebrated with family and friends gathering together and BBQing or having a picnic.

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The Baking Bug is Taking a Vacation

It shouldn’t be a major surprise to long-time blog readers that it’s been a while since I’ve baked.

The month of March was filled with crafting adventures. But I’m also starting to spend less time at home. I have been given the opportunity to get back into community theater this spring. I’ll be stage managing a play that consists of a small cast of 8 actors. It’s a really funny play and I can’t wait to jump on board.

What does this mean for the blog?

It means I’ll be posting more infrequently. Most of my free time will be devoted to theater and then resting and seeing friends. But, I do plan to bake this Friday!

So I’ll be posting about that next week, even if it isn’t a recipe out of the MB cookbook.

Until then, friends….

Sophie Update and March Baking Outlook

It’s hard to believe that we are over a week into March! This month has been flying by and it wasn’t until I sat down to write this post that I realized I hadn’t baked anything yet this month. I’ve been so consumed with crocheting and getting things done on Fridays that the baking has sort of taken a backseat.

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Crochet Diary – Sophie’s Universe Announcement

In addition to baking, cooking, and learning about herbs, I have another hobby that I do quite often. But it isn’t really one that I talk about too much. I love to crochet! I typically enjoy making blankets and scarfs over hats and other clothing items, but I’ve been crocheting for years.

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What I Cooked Last Weekend

If you happened to see my post from Saturday, you’ll know that my area of the country was hit by our first major winter-storm of the season. In fact, it was the first really major storm in the last couple of years. Parts of the state I live in experienced blizzard conditions. Though we had a lot of snow at my house, we didn’t lose power, have the blizzard conditions (according to meteorologists) and overall fared pretty well. The fact that it fell on a Saturday was also nice. In the end, it basically meant I was snowed in on Saturday which gave me plenty of time to hang out in the kitchen.

I did bake, though not from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook. I also tried my hand at some more vegan recipes. Here a rundown of my time in the kitchen last week.

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