A Plan for the Future

This month has been a weird one for me, blogging-wise. Shortly after beginning my foray into cooking all Ree Drummond’s recipes, I started to lose interest for some reason. I can’t really put my finger on why it happened. But, I just accepted it and kind of went with the feeling, hoping for the interest to return one day.

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A Quick Update

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve made anything food-wise. That’s obviously led to the blog being a bit quiet. However, this weekend I am excited to try something new! A coworker of mine raises ducks and she gave me a full dozen duck eggs to try. I’ve heard that duck eggs are wonderful to use in baking, so naturally, I have to test it out. The results will be coming soon!

It’s June!


I can’t believe it! What happened to May? It appears that, to date, May was my least active month on the blog. There was a reason for that: things started to open up, activities began again, and my time became more constrained. However, some of the things I had lined up for this summer have fell through, which is too bad for me, but it’s great for the blog!

I have a personal goal for June: 6 recipes made during the month.

To be honest, doing two will be easy since my birthday is just around the corner. I will, obviously, be making my own cake. I’m also making cupcakes for a work thing next week, as well.

I am going to try to include at least one savory recipe in the mix, but, as you may have noticed, my focus on been on baking.

What Cake Am I Making For My Birthday?

It actually took me quite a while to find one that appealed to me. I knew I wanted to branch out a bit and make something outside of the Barefoot Contessa and Magnolia Bakery canon (even though the latter has some amazing cake recipes). After some searching online, I decided to stick to a tried and true baking blog: Sally’s Baking Addiction.

After paging through recipe after recipe, and one mouth-watering photo after another, I finally made my decision!

What cake is it?

It’s a surprise. You’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

No Recipes Again

Last weekend was busy for me! Which was great, in a way, since it was the first busy weekend for me in a while. But it also meant that I didn’t get a chance to bake or cook. So, there will not be a recipe update this week.

I do plan to post and herbal update later in the week though, so stayed tuned!

Cookbook Haul!

Over the weekend, I was in the need for some retail therapy. Naturally, I went to one of my favorite stores: Barnes & Noble. Even though I work in Library, there is nothing like going to a bookstore — for me, at least.

I decided that I would buy a book upon getting there, but the question remained: which one? There are thousands to choose from. But I figured a new cookbook couldn’t hurt and specifically, I wanted one that focused on baking. Sure a regular cookbook would most likely have some baking recipes, but I wanted some all baking.

After doing some browsing I stumbled upon The King Arthur All Purpose Baker’s Companion. This is a book that I have heard only good things about for some time. Plus, I really like King Arthur’s flour, so I knew that this book would be worth the purchase.

Upon getting home, I began to thumb through it and so far I’m very impressed. I can’t wait to start baking from it!

Once I have a few recipes baked from it, I’ll do a proper cookbook review. Be sure to check back often for that!

The Sun is Out, The Weather is Warm

Okay, so another non-food related post. But without recipes made last weekend, I’m not really sure what else to talk about.

We are now in the second week of March and the temperatures in Connecticut are slowly beginning to tick up. The snow is melting, the grass is beginning to turn green once again. Spring is on the way!

Some basil, a staple culinary herb

This is around the time of year where I usually start thinking about whether or not I want to plant some herbs. The last few years I haven’t, but with the herbal studies in full force, I think it would be in my best interest to plant some. Of course, the hardest part (or is it the most fun?) is deciding which herbs to grow. Sometimes my family and I would plant strictly culinary herbs such as parsley and basil. In years passed I grew some medicinal herbs as well like chamomile and lavender to name a few. I even planted dandelion one year much to my father’s chagrin.

Once I took a hiatus from studying herbal remedies, and other interests filled my time, I didn’t have much energy or even thought of gardening. But now, it seems like a perfect growing season to do it.

Tomorrow I will be posting an herbalism update, my first official one! Then Thursday, we will return to the regularly scheduled food-related posts!

Until next time…