What’s the Deal With Liver?

For a while now this question has been spinning around in my mind: What’s the deal with liver?

It seems to be a pretty commonly featured dish in cookbooks, often in the appetizer section. Julia Child adored liver and Ina Garten touts its fame as well. Me, however? I don’t see the hype. I am a meat eater — for now — but the idea of eating an organ from an animal has always put me off. I’ve never tried liver pâté and I’m really in no rush to do so.

I will admit that when I decided to cook my way through Ina’s cookbooks, the liver recipes always made me a bit queasy. They weren’t the only ones, either. The mussels and clams on the half-shell also turned my face green.

While the focus of the blog has changed slightly to be more inclusive, that doesn’t mean that the cooking-through-Ina-thing is going away. So, I guess eventually, I’ll have to try liver pâté or any other dish Ina decided to include this gross ingredient. Maybe I’ll make it as an appetizer….

Photo credit: emerils.com

I tried to find the most appetizing photo for this. Was I successful?

What are your thoughts on liver? Have you tried it? Is it worth it? Let me know!


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