What’s the Deal With Liver?

For a while now this question has been spinning around in my mind: What’s the deal with liver?

It seems to be a pretty commonly featured dish in cookbooks, often in the appetizer section. Julia Child adored liver and Ina Garten touts its fame as well. Me, however? I don’t see the hype. I am a meat eater — for now — but the idea of eating an organ from an animal has always put me off. I’ve never tried liver pâté and I’m really in no rush to do so.

I will admit that when I decided to cook my way through Ina’s cookbooks, the liver recipes always made me a bit queasy. They weren’t the only ones, either. The mussels and clams on the half-shell also turned my face green.

While the focus of the blog has changed slightly to be more inclusive, that doesn’t mean that the cooking-through-Ina-thing is going away. So, I guess eventually, I’ll have to try liver pâté or any other dish Ina decided to include this gross ingredient. Maybe I’ll make it as an appetizer….

Photo credit: emerils.com

I tried to find the most appetizing photo for this. Was I successful?

What are your thoughts on liver? Have you tried it? Is it worth it? Let me know!

Ina & Raspberries

In order to help me keep track of recipes and so that I can get a sense of what I would need to purchase equipment-wise, I have begun the process of making a list of off the recipes by book. One of the things that I have noticed, even after only completing three of her cookbooks, is that Ina must LOVE raspberries!

It seems like there are at least 10 different recipes calling for them among these three books. There may even be more than 10, I didn’t really count. I just noticed the word “raspberry” kept popping up in the titles.

I guess those recipes will have to wait till summer to be made.