This Week

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already!!

The week is flying. And now that I’ve finally finished the semester (yay!), I can devote more time and energy to cooking from Ina. I am really looking forward to making a couple of things this weekend. It also helps that Friday is payday!

I will be baking this Sunday and it will be an Ina recipe. However, I have not yet decided if I’ll make a dessert or something from the Breakfast chapters. Scones seem to be calling out to me and Ina has no shortage of scone recipes.

As for dinner, I have no idea what I feel like making. If my records are correct, I have one cookbook in which I haven’t make anything from yet. This is weird to me since I regard this book as my current favorite. Barefoot in Paris is Ina’s French-themed cookbook and I often find some of the recipes overwhelming. Elegant, but a little overwhelming. I will have more time this Friday, so it may be the perfect opportunity to make some fabulous French food!

What I wish my view was right now!
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