A Quick Update

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve made anything food-wise. That’s obviously led to the blog being a bit quiet. However, this weekend I am excited to try something new! A coworker of mine raises ducks and she gave me a full dozen duck eggs to try. I’ve heard that duck eggs are wonderful to use in baking, so naturally, I have to test it out. The results will be coming soon!

No Recipes Again

Last weekend was busy for me! Which was great, in a way, since it was the first busy weekend for me in a while. But it also meant that I didn’t get a chance to bake or cook. So, there will not be a recipe update this week.

I do plan to post and herbal update later in the week though, so stayed tuned!

Busy Few Days in the Kitchen…

Aside from the usual Friday night dinner recipe (which I made on Saturday this week), I made two additional recipes that I didn’t really plan on making. Luckily, I was able to make them all Ina recipes, so they all count towards the blog! Stay tuned this week as I review and post about each one!

Of course, I’ll have an herbal related post, even though they are less popular than some others. And I’ll be posting my February wrap-up post as well!

Cooking Update 2/12/2021

Tonight for dinner I am making a chicken dish that I created myself. But, it has been quite some time since I made it last. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I made it! I do plan to post the recipe for my Sweet & Sour Chicken early next week. The best part? It’s so easy and quick to make thanks to the use of some store-bought ingredients!

Cooking Thoughts Week of 2/1/21

This week I am planning to move away from Ina Garten when it comes to my weekly Friday cooking. As of this moment, I am planning to make a vegetarian dish. Probably a soup. It seems like this time of year, my family enjoys having soup in the house on the weekends.

But the question remains….what soup?

Post-Storm Update

The snow has come and gone! My house has about a foot of snow. The most that’s falling in one storm in quite some time. Working a full, regular day today. But I’m exhausted from all the clean-up and snow removal, both yesterday and this morning. At least I can take it easy at work and think about what I’ll be making this week.