It’s Snowing. . .Again!

It wouldn’t be February in New England without another snow storm! This one fell during the day which has been unusual for snow storms so far this year.

However, it did lead to some treacherous driving on the way home from work! I’m glad I was able to get home saftely!

The view from my basement window. Too much snow, not enough sun!

Hearty Vegetable Quinoa Soup

On Friday, I made this wonderful soup that tasted so yummy. An added bonus? It’s vegan! This soup is a wonderful soup to make because its essentially a one-pot meal. It has veggies, grains, and proteins all in one recipe! It will definitely save you some time in the kitchen while also ticking off some nutrient requirements.

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Today’s Snow is Prettier

Weird angle was intentional lol

The snow is more fluffy today than last week. This is the type of white stuff that I like! Much easier to shovel and usually the storm passes much quicker.

Even though we are getting snow, I’m not making bread. I’ve done a lot of baking this weekend! I’ve been recipe-testing a new cookie recipe. It should be ready for posting soon!

Today, I’m making chicken soup.

The soup is on!

If This Isn’t the Calm Before the Storm, then I Don’t Know What Is…

Many of these were taken around my property, but the weather was so nice today that I took a walk in the neighborhood. I was able to snap a few more photos. One my walk I was able to hear the birds chirping and the snow melting off my roof.

Too bad that will all change in less than 24 hours. More snow is on the way! Granted, not as much as last weekend, but still.

And this stuff was just starting to melt away, too….

Barefoot Contessa Recipe #30: Winter Minestrone and Garlic Bruschetta

This recipe can be found in Foolproof, page 53.

Last Friday was really cold! Like really, really cold. Mother Nature was definitely preparing us for more than a foot of snow we got on Monday. But, with the colder weather on Friday, I decided that a soup would be the perfect dinner. Of course, I made an Ina soup!

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Post-Storm Update

The snow has come and gone! My house has about a foot of snow. The most that’s falling in one storm in quite some time. Working a full, regular day today. But I’m exhausted from all the clean-up and snow removal, both yesterday and this morning. At least I can take it easy at work and think about what I’ll be making this week.