Barefoot Contessa Recipe 43 Easy Tzatziki with Feta

This recipe can be found in Foolproof, page 76.

This recipe can be found online here.

With Easter being this past Sunday, I decided to seize the opportunity to make some Barefoot Contessa recipes. The fact that it was a holiday also meant I had a useful excuse to make an Appetizer recipe, which is one of the areas of the recipes that had been lacking. Due the pandemic, there have been less parties, so the need for apps was almost non-existent. But now there was an excuse and I found the perfect, easy recipe to make for the first appetizer that would go over well with my family.

Easy Tzatziki with Feta.

This is one of two recipes that Ina has for tzatziki. However, the other one is in Parties and is very similar to the one I made. Except, it basically has you make your own Greek yogurt. Even though these are similar recipes, I am keeping them separate since the preparation method is different between the two. There are also some ingredient differences.

Easy Tzatziki is well named since it took less than 10 minutes to throw together. It also doesn’t use many dishes which makes clean up a breeze. Another benefit to this recipe is the fact that, for the most part, you can “eyeball” the ingredient amounts. Ina does give exact amounts for almost all the ingredients, but since this is a dip, it kind of lends itself to eyeball measuring. This can be handy if you’re short on time or don’t feel like washing measuring spoons.

Though I did not serve my tzatziki with Feta cheese, the Greek foods pairs wonderfully together. This can also work well with fresh or toasted pita (which is what I used), pretzels, or just plain veggies. The dip also keeps well for a few days which makes it easy to handle leftovers.

Overall, I’d say that for my first appetizer it was a hit! Though, some people felt that the dip had “something missing” that we couldn’t really put our finger on. I figured it was because I used regular white vinegar over white wine vinegar. But the world may never know!

Magnolia Bakery Handbook #2 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Friday I woke up and decided I felt like baking. I know, I know. What a surprise. I was planning to get lunch with a friend who I haven’t seen in a while, so I thought it would be nice to make cookies and give her some. I’ve learned that if I want to keep baking the way I have been, it’s best to give the treats away. That way, they’re not in the house very long and tempting me to eat them all!

Naturally, I decided on the most common and most popular cookie there is: chocolate chip. And naturally, I knew it would be the recipe from Bobbie Lord’s Magnolia Bakery Handbook. Thanks to my well-stocked pantry with baking supplies, I only needed to run to the store to get some chocolate chips.

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