If This Isn’t the Calm Before the Storm, then I Don’t Know What Is…

Many of these were taken around my property, but the weather was so nice today that I took a walk in the neighborhood. I was able to snap a few more photos. One my walk I was able to hear the birds chirping and the snow melting off my roof.

Too bad that will all change in less than 24 hours. More snow is on the way! Granted, not as much as last weekend, but still.

And this stuff was just starting to melt away, too….

I finished the cutting prep for tonight’s soup! I’m glad I save the time now, so I’m not freaking out later. I can’t want to share recipe with you all next week. Now, I can start baking cookies. I can almost smell them already.

I store my chopped vegetables in a bag for simple storage and easy clean up when it comes time to make the soup. These ingredients will all go into the soup at the same time, so one bag is all I needed. Otherwise, I would divide the ingredients by when they are added to the pot.

Spiral Cookbooks?

Does anyone else like spiral-bound cookbooks? Personally, I love them! I think they hold up much better than hardcover, and especially softcover ones. It’s a shame that they aren’t printed more often. I guess I’m in the minority on this opinion. After all, publishing is a business.

The two Taste of Home cookbooks I have. These are GREAT resources. So many tasty and easy recipes!