The Sun is Out, The Weather is Warm

Okay, so another non-food related post. But without recipes made last weekend, I’m not really sure what else to talk about.

We are now in the second week of March and the temperatures in Connecticut are slowly beginning to tick up. The snow is melting, the grass is beginning to turn green once again. Spring is on the way!

Some basil, a staple culinary herb

This is around the time of year where I usually start thinking about whether or not I want to plant some herbs. The last few years I haven’t, but with the herbal studies in full force, I think it would be in my best interest to plant some. Of course, the hardest part (or is it the most fun?) is deciding which herbs to grow. Sometimes my family and I would plant strictly culinary herbs such as parsley and basil. In years passed I grew some medicinal herbs as well like chamomile and lavender to name a few. I even planted dandelion one year much to my father’s chagrin.

Once I took a hiatus from studying herbal remedies, and other interests filled my time, I didn’t have much energy or even thought of gardening. But now, it seems like a perfect growing season to do it.

Tomorrow I will be posting an herbalism update, my first official one! Then Thursday, we will return to the regularly scheduled food-related posts!

Until next time…

Busy Few Days in the Kitchen…

Aside from the usual Friday night dinner recipe (which I made on Saturday this week), I made two additional recipes that I didn’t really plan on making. Luckily, I was able to make them all Ina recipes, so they all count towards the blog! Stay tuned this week as I review and post about each one!

Of course, I’ll have an herbal related post, even though they are less popular than some others. And I’ll be posting my February wrap-up post as well!

Post-Storm Update

The snow has come and gone! My house has about a foot of snow. The most that’s falling in one storm in quite some time. Working a full, regular day today. But I’m exhausted from all the clean-up and snow removal, both yesterday and this morning. At least I can take it easy at work and think about what I’ll be making this week.

December Mornings

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the winter months and the cold weather. But, since I live in New England, I don’t have much of a choice. It is true, the last few winters have not been that bad overall: not a lot of snow, mostly a “mix” and I was able to see my grass for most of them. Despite the lack of snow, the winters were still bitterly, bitterly cold.

However, today I was reminded of the beauty of a December morning.

One of the benefits of this time of year is I am more often than not up early enough to watch the sunrise. And look at those colors! So pretty and bright!

A downside though, is by the time my work day ends, the sun is already asleep.

But, there is some hope: I heard that sunsets after 5:00 PM begin at the end of January! Only a few weeks…long weeks, for sure…but it’ll be here soon enough. Even 2020 has seemed to “go by” quickly. For me, at least.

Thanksgiving Cooking

This year, Thanksgiving will be much smaller than usual. However, it will also give my family a chance to cook for a change. We usually visit our relatives on Thanksgiving and they handle the cooking.

To help my parents with the meal, I have offered to handle the sides. Over the weekend we agreed on carrots and green beans. I will be looking through Ina’s cookbooks tonight and tomorrow for a recipe that will work well for those choices.

I can’t NOT cook an Ina recipe on the largest food holiday of the year, right?

Time for a New Category!

After some thinking, I’ve decided to expand the blog a bit.

This blog will always be about Ina and cooking my way through her cookbooks and recipes, but I’ve decided that there may be a time when I want to share something more personal.

So, I’ve added a new category!

It’s called “Life” and it’s where all the posts pertaining to my life will go. Now, this doesn’t mean “lifestyle.” So, no lame, overused photos of PSLs and winter fires during a snow storm. But it will be the more personal posts, not necessarily Ina related.