December is Here Already?!?!

Wow! What a few whirlwind weeks I’ve been in!

I can’t believe that we are already in the first full week of December. The Holidays are in full swing and Christmas is only two and a half weeks away.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been baking as much as I thought I would be over the last couple of weeks. But this week I am working on developing a recipe for Peppermint Brownies that I hope to share with you all sometime next week, just in time for the holidays.

So far, the brownies have been well received, but I just want to keep tweaking them a little bit. I am planning to debut them at a holiday party this Saturday. That will be the ultimate taste test.

August 2022 Round Up

As August comes to a close, I find myself sitting at the keyboard trying to form this post. You would think that for a month where I didn’t have a lot to say, it would be easy to compile a recap. That isn’t always the case. Today is one of those days.

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Magnolia Bakery #9 – Billionaire Brownies

It’s been a minute since I baked something out of the Magnolia Bakery Handbook, no?

The last recipe I made was the fabulous Blueberry Jamboree which I still have dreams about!

This time, I was in the mood for brownies but I wanted something a little bit fancier than your usual brownies. So, I decided to make the brownies fit for the rich: Billionaire Brownies. A shortbread crust drizzled with some caramel then topped with a lush fudge brownie sounds like heaven, right?

Well, it didn’t turn out exactly the way I thought it would. Here’s what happened.

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The BEST Brownies for 2021!

You may remember back in May I purchased the King Arthur Baking Company All-Purpose Baker’s Companion. Well, I finally had an opportunity to make one of the fabulous recipes in the book. The hardest part for me was deciding which recipe to make. I wanted something easy and a recipe that I had all or almost all of the ingredients already. Once I got to the Cookies and Bars chapter, the answer jumped right out at me.

Brownies! Fudge Brownies to be precise!

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Magnolia Bakery Handbook #3

A couple weekends ago (yes, time has been flying!), I was in the mood for a chocolate treat. I didn’t feel like making a cookie and I would be having cake the following weekend (A post about that is coming later). I settled on brownies.

Luckily, the Magnolia Bakery Handbook has some wonderful brownie recipes. I decided to make the simple and basic Double Chocolate Brownies. These are a great brownie. Not too cakey, the right amount of fudgy, and very chocolatey. I felt like I died and went to chocolate heaven!

Plus, they were really easy to make. No stand mixer required!

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