Top Thanksgiving Dessert Options

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Can you believe it? Seems strange to me. It’s almost like it snuck up on us, right? This year, we are doing a much smaller Thanksgiving celebration and, officially, it’s on Saturday, not Thursday. But, I’m still tasked with making dessert and currently in the process of narrowing down what I should make.

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Recipe #18 Chocolate Banana Crumb Cake

This recipe is found in Make it Ahead, page 261.

Here it is! The recipe review you’ve ALL been waiting for — at least I hope!

On Sunday afternoon, I made IG’s Banana Chocolate Crumb Cake and let me just say, it did not disappoint.

In the post announcing that this would be the recipe I would make this weekend, I said that the headnotes for the recipe were two sentences. After making it, I can see why Ina did that. The taste of this cake speaks for itself!

Following that pattern, this post will be short and sweet. Below is a photo of the finished product. I highly, highly, highly recommend you try this for yourself.

The cake before going into the oven.
The cake while cooling.

Doesn’t it look just divine!?