A Return to the Ina Project

Earlier this week, I found myself on Ina Garten’s website. I can’t recall exactly why I was there but nevertheless, I was lost in the Ina’s World tab for a little while. I noticed the link to the cookbook index and wondered if it was finally updated to include the recipes from Ina’s most recent book, Go-To Dinners.

Sure enough, it was!

I decided to print it off and update it to include the recipes that I have already made and posted. While doing so, I realized how much I missed the journey of making her recipes and writing about them. It them dawned on me that I hardly made any Ina Garten recipes in 2022. There were a few, for sure, such as the pound cake out of her new cookbook. But for the most part, I didn’t use her recipes.

That’s going to change in 2023! This year, I am going to bring back the Ina Garten Project. Not in it’s full form, where all the recipes I make come from her books. But I will be sprinkling in some here and there. I’ll primarily focus on desserts since I do enjoy baking more than cooking. Though, some of the recipes from her latest book are quite enticing.

Stay tuned!


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