Top 5 Most Popular Posts of 2022

What a year it has been for this tiny little blog! I reached over 55,00 views and had one post that really, really took off. For a few months I thought I had finally “made it” in the blogging world. Even though it’s been over two years since I started this little hobby of mine.

As I did last year, I decided to write a post covering my most popular posts of the year, regardless of when they were published. So here it goes!

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1. The Cake Post That Made Me Feel Like A Celebrity

Total Views: ~34,150

In late summer of this year, I made the Hummingbird Cake from the Magnolia Bakery Handbook to tick it off my list. It ended up being a hit when I tasted it. And it was the cake my bf requested I make for his birthday this year, which I did. I was pleasantly surprised to see, shortly after posting it, that the post was taking off with the views. It is by far the highest amount of views on the website and I cannot even fathom another post ever taking it over. In fact, this post has contributed to most of the overall website views.

2. The Recipe Reveal

Total Views: ~3,670

It wasn’t much of a surprise to me that when I decided to break my own rule and post a recipe that wasn’t mine that it would take off. Though it didn’t fetch nearly the number of views as the “parent post” it is still the second most popular post of the year. These two posts together also contributed to the most engagement among readers. If you are looking to try this cake, I recommend this recipe. You can’t beat it!

3. A Simple, Fall Cookie Wows Readers

total views: ~3,400

Snickerdoodles are one of my favorite cookies! I still can’t believe I waited so long to make the recipe from the MB cookbook. When I did, I decided to add my own little seasonal twist to the recipe. Instead of just using cinnamon to flavor the cookies, I decided to include pumpkin spice mix. That way autumn’s most-famous flavor would be present and they would be more “in-season.” My coworkers LOVED these cookies, and I think you will too. Regardless of making them the traditional way or with a pumpkin spiced flavorings.

4. A Non-Baking Post?! The Horror!


2022 was the year I experimented a bit with the blog. Aside from just kitchen posts, I posted a few things about some of my other hobbies. Over the summer, I wrote about all the different crochet projects I was working on at the time. I entitled the post (and the series, actually): The Crochet Diaries. The June post scored enough views to make the Top 5. You can relive the crochet news here.

5. Turning From Summer to Fall


As the Earth slowly started to turn towards Fall and the chillier months, I was soaking up the last days of summer for all they’re worth. In my part of the country, fresh fruit is expensive and pretty tasteless after the summer ends. So to get one last fruit dessert in before the shorter days and tasteless fruit, I made Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes. These were so, so, so good! They also kept surprisingly well in the fridge for a few days.

No doubt these sell out at Magnolia Bakery whenever they are available. I can’t wait until blueberries are back in season so I can make them again.

Well, there you have it! The blog’s Top 5 posts of the year. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Looking Back on Year 2022 post that I made last year. That’s where I broke down what happened on the blog each month of the year. If you’re a new reader, then you may enjoy taking this trip back in time.

Thanks for reading! See you next year!!


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