A Pound Cake with an Ina Twist – Barefoot Contessa 56

Ina Garten’s new book, Go-to Dinners came out towards the end of October. Being the Ina fan that I am, I was able to get my hands on a copy a couple days after its release (Thanks, bf!), but because of…life… I haven’t had the chance to really look through it, let alone bake anything from the book.

But that all changed this past Friday. I was off for Veterans’ Day and was looking to scratch the baking itch. Flipping through the dessert section I saw some really amazing and tasty-looking treats. But, I also didn’t want to spend a fortune on ingredients, which unfortunately, is usually a requirement when making a Barefoot Contessa recipe.

Making It

While scanning some of the recipes, I noticed that with a few tweaks, I could easily bake the Vanilla Pound Cake recipe. I decided to swap out the Cognac for Grand Marnier, which I had left over from when I made the decadent Boston Cream Pie recipe last year. Because of that, I opted to use orange zest instead of lemon to better match the flavor profile of the liqueur.

The recipe was also cut in half, since I only needed/wanted one loaf. Though, I will admit, after tasting it, I wish I did go ahead and make the full recipe. That way I could freeze the other loaf until I had a pound cake emergency.

I posted a teaser pic on my Instagram that showed off some of the ingredients.

Baking It

The recipe came together in no time and after I added both the alcohol and the orange zest, the kitchen smelled so fresh and citrusy. There is no leavening agent in this recipe, except for the whites from the three eggs. But pound cakes don’t really rise or expand, they just kind of bake into the shape of the pan they’re in.

Once the batter came together I knew that the finished cake would be light. Most pound cakes are dense. I think this happened because of all the whipping of the ingredients the recipe said to do. This adds air into the batter, causing the egg whites to fluff up a bit.

Tasting It

The cake took roughly 45 minutes to bake, which wasn’t too different than the time given in the recipe. Once it was removed from the pan and cooled, I sliced into it.

The cake was still a bit warm, which only made it taste even better. The flavor notes of the orange and Grand Marnier really hit you. Though it isn’t an alcohol taste, it’s just the orangey flavor. Like most pound cakes, this would be perfect to serve with strawberry shortcake, or deconstructed shortcake. It can also be used in a trifle. Since it was easy to make, it wouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience to make this before making a trifle or shortcake recipe.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to get a picture of a slice of the cake. It flew out of the house in a blink of an eye!


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