My Second Blog-aversary

A little over two years ago I started this blog. At the time I wanted to create an Ina Garten cook-through blog so that’s what I did. And the early posts from the fall of 2020 are there to prove it. In fact I started with this simple recipe for applesauce which is still the only one I will use.

Overtime the blog has morphed into placing Ina’s recipes on the back burner and bringing a baking cookbook to the front. The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook has been the main feature on the blog for a little over 18 months now. Over the course of that time I’ve completed and posted roughly one third of the recipes in the book. You can see which recipes I’ve made by viewing this page.

As my blog enters it’s third year, I am once again, finding myself at a time of reflection about my little corner of the internet. Despite the busy-ness of the last few weeks I do still really enjoy blogging. And in the coming weeks I’ll be back to a regular posting schedules. I’m also considering making some changes to the content on the website as well. But, I’m not quite ready to announce those just yet.

In the meantime I thought it might be cool to look back on some of my personal favorite posts, regardless of which author wrote the recipe.

As always, thanks for reading!


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