The Crochet Diaries June 2022

It’s been quite a crafty month for me. Though I did do some baking in June, I’d have to say that I think I made the most progress on my crochet projects. I’ve also started a new one that is working up much quicker than I expected.

One of the main projects I’ve been working on over the last couple of months is a blanket that will be a gift. I found out about the pattern after someone in my yarn group was working on it as well. I fell in love with the pattern and, at the time, it was the perfect challenge I was looking for. Though, for most of June the project has been sitting while I take a break from it. I do plan to start it back up in July though, finishing the third section of the pattern.

The project that has taken up most of my stitchy time for the month of June is Sophie’s Universe. After sitting in the bag, unworked for months, I decided it was time to work on this beast of a mandala. I’ve only added a couple of rounds to the piece, but it continues to grow and look better and better with each round. I love how the colors I chose for this blanket are working together and making a wonderfully colorful design.

I think I’ll start giving this piece a bit more love. It’s a lot of fun to work, even though sometimes I have to frog (rip out) a whole bunch of stitches because I made a mistake.

One of my more recent starts is another blanket that will be a gift for someone. The pattern that can be seen below is not the original pattern I was planning to do. The original pattern I purchased encountered some errors during the stitching portion that I couldn’t control and I didn’t want to spend the time trying to sort them out. Even after blocking and restarting the blanket, the same issues were happening. So, I decided to give up and try something new.

This pattern is from Yarnspirations and can be found here. Though it looks challenging, it really isn’t. Plus, it stitches up MUCH faster than I thought it would.

I have a feeling July is going to be filled with yarn. Especially since I am commissioning myself (It’s a thing, people) to make an extremely large blanket. This is hopefully going to fit a KING-SIZED BED! We’ll see how chaining over 350 stitches goes! Wish me luck!

Until next time, keep stitching!


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