The Easiest Cookie You’ll Ever Make – MB Recipe 29

Last week, I was looking for a quick cookie recipe. I was in the mood to bake, but I wasn’t in the mood to spend hours in the kitchen. While thumbing through the MB cookbook, I stumbled upon the Coconut Macaroon recipe. I knew instantly that that was the cookie I had to make that day!

I always knew that macaroons were simple to make. I had watched an episode of Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa not too long ago on Discovery+ where she made them using only a handful of ingredients. Sure enough, the recipe in the MB Cookbook also only contained a handful of ingredients. This recipe said you could include pistachios or dried cherries. I chose to do something even better! I took a page out of Ina’s book and dipped the bottom of the baked cookies into melted chocolate.

The most difficult part of this recipe was dealing with the egg whites. Separating eggs is so much easier if you use your hands (thanks Zoe Francoise for explaining that on your show), so it took me time at all to get five egg whites. Another benefit of using your hands is the yolk is less likely to break apart. Once the egg whites were separated you had to whip them to firm peaks using an electric mixer. I, of course, used my stand mixer. Adding sugar slowly into the whipping egg whites eventually created a quick meringue.

The whipped egg whites were them folded into the other other ingredients. I used a cookie scoop to portion each cookie and I baked them in the oven for the specified time. Once they were completely cool, I melted way too much chocolate and dipped most of the bottoms into it. It created the exact thing that these needed! With the left over chocolate, I opted to dip some fresh fruit. I also opted to have a spoonful or two on its own…because I don’t like to waste food. *shrug*

Baking these cookies was easy, but I was a little surprised that the cookies didn’t get as brown as the ones in the photo. I had the second batch cook for an extra minute or two and not much changed in terms of browning. But I knew all of the cookies were baked through. Perhaps it had something to do with the cookie sheets I was using or the parchment paper.

Once the chocolate hardened onto the cookies, I tasted one. It was everything I was looking for in a cookie that day. A sweet, unusual flavor (I don’t normally use coconut) and that chocolate on the bottom really tied everything together. The only thing I wish I had done instead was use milk chocolate on the bottom instead of semi-sweet. But, then again, I have a HUGE sweet tooth.


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