Memorial Day Weekend 2022

In the U.S. we are approaching the unofficial start of summer. The last Monday in May is Memorial Day where we are supposed to reflect on those who died in active military service. More realistically the day is celebrated with family and friends gathering together and BBQing or having a picnic.

Now that the show I had been working on is officially “closed” (meaning the final performance was held), I can get back into the weekly baking and blogging. To celebrate my first weekend back without the confines of running cues for a complex play, I decided to bake a super easy cookie.

My review of the MB Cookbook’s Coconut Macaroons will drop sometime next week!

How will I be celebrating Memorial Day this year? Well, I have to work on Saturday and my Sunday is pretty booked. So I won’t be able to bake anything…there’s really no need to.

For those of you who are celebrating with your loved ones, enjoy the holiday! Have an extra slice of cake, a scoop of pudding, or an extra cookie for me!


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