Lemon Scones for Spring – MB Recipe 27

Earlier in the week, I had a bit of free time, so I decided to spend it by baking. This time, I decided on another scone recipe from the MB cookbook. It’s a chapter that is getting almost completely ignored.

Sticking with the recent “lemon-flavored” theme, I chose to make the Lemon and Poppy Scones. What’s great about making this recipe is the scone base that it starts with can be saved for later. The scone base recipe makes 8 cups of base, but I only used two. That means there may be more scones in the near-distant future.

You may recall from the first time I made scones that pastry dough is not my friend. This proved to be true this time around, as well. Though the end product certainly was tasty, I still do not feel super confident about turning out scones in a jiffy. Scones can be tricky. You have to refrain from over working the flour. If you do, the scones will be tough and dry. Nobody wants that!

I guess it’s good then that I have extra Scone Base to use up. Maybe Strawberry Scones are in my future. It’s getting to be berry season — one of my favorite times of year!


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