Magnolia Bakery 23 – Lemon Zest Muffins

Ah, the muffins chapter!

I’ll be honest, muffins are not my favorite pastry. I’m definitely more of a cookie guy. But these Lemon Zest muffins are starting to make me rethink that statement.

These Lemon Zest Muffins are full of that lemony flavor and are super simple to make. This recipe is perfect for lemon-lovers. You’ll need only about 4 lemons total to make both the muffins and the glaze. It does call for a half cup of lemon juice, which for the lemons I used meant about four lemons. You need about three teaspoons of zest, which is about two full lemons.

Remember to zest before juicing!

As per usual with muffin (or cupcake) recipes, I did not end up getting the actual recipe yield. I think I ended up with 14, not 16. Not the biggest deal in the world.

One think I loved about this recipe was the recipe for the glaze. I was able to get the glaze to the a wonderful, and slightly pip-able consistency so I was able to do some cool designs on the muffin tops.

How did they taste? Obviously quite lemony but it wasn’t too over-powering. The muffin was moist and the glaze added an extra sweetness.

This recipe would work beautifully (and, honestly, probably would end up being better) as a loaf cake, turning it into a quick bread. While I did not try this, I plan to down the road. And most muffin recipes can easily be turned into quick bread recipes.


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