A Valentine’s Day Bake

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate. Or, Happy Singles Appreciation Day, if you celebrate that. This year, I wanted to bake something special for Valentine’s Day that wasn’t the traditional chocolate-based recipe.

Thanks to my boyfriend’s idea, I baked a small Confetti Cake to celebrate. (I seem to have been in a confetti mood, you’ll see why tomorrow!) This recipe was not out of the Magnolia Bakery Handbook. Instead, I used a recipe from my other go-to baking place: Sally’s Baking Addiction. The 6-inch cake was made by using her recipe for the Confetti Cupcakes.

I was pleased with how it look overall. Though not perfect, it is probably one of my “neater” cakes. Sadly, I found the cake itself to be a bit dry. This is totally my fault. I think I over-baked the layers after noticing that it was initially under-baked.

To add a little extra special-ness, I made it a tiered cake. Instead of three 6-inch round layers, I swapped out the final layer for a 4-inch round. I also tinted some frosting pink and piped some decent-looking florets in honor of Valentine’s Day.


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