Barefoot Contessa 53 – Crinkled Chocolate Chip Cookies

Well look at this! A Barefoot Contessa recipe! The first since sometime in May…I think?

I was in the mood to bake, but didn’t really want to have to go out and purchase any additional ingredients. Which basically means that I had the necessary items to whip up chocolate chip cookies. Then came the decision to make this version from Ina.

These cookies are HUGE and interesting. But to be honest, they are NOT my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, nor is it my favorite Ina recipe. This recipe was published in Ina’s most recent cookbook, Comfort Food. And, to be honest, it continues to live up what I’ve been saying about it in previous recipes I’ve cooked out of it. While the book is beautiful, the recipes interesting, but they don’t seem to be “up to snuff.” They’re not really Ina-quality, in my opinion. They continue to seem rushed and not as well-tested.

These cookies didn’t really turn out the way I expected them too. They are also very large cookies and extremely flat. I’m not a fan of crispy cookies in any form, so these were kind of a let down. I wax expecting a little heft to the finished cookies, like it’s displayed in the cookbook photograph. This recipe is different from most other chocolate chip cookies recipes that I’ve made. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to try it.

The directions state that during the baking process, you bang the cookie sheet on the counter to prevent the cookie from rising too high. You repeat this step every three minutes or so until the cookies are baked. However, I found that this caused the cookies to bake unevenly. It also caused some of the cookies to develop interesting shapes since the batter would slowly flow into the corner of the cookie sheet.

However, though the recipe was not as impressive as I hoped, I do give myself credit for better food photography skills for the finished product.

While an interesting concept, and actually not one of Ina’s inventions (she says she modified a recipe from a different baker), these cookies are not really my cup of tea. If I want a larger cookie, I’ll stick with this recipe I found from Sally’s Baking Addiction. I talked about my experience with her recipe in this post. Though the recipe from Sally’s website is a completely different take than what Ina was trying to achieve, I would prefer a heftier cookie than a flat one.


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