A Plan for the Future

This month has been a weird one for me, blogging-wise. Shortly after beginning my foray into cooking all Ree Drummond’s recipes, I started to lose interest for some reason. I can’t really put my finger on why it happened. But, I just accepted it and kind of went with the feeling, hoping for the interest to return one day.

After the first week, I didn’t feel any different PW-wise, but I did have urges to continue to blog, which is why for the most part, the last few posts have been baking-related and focusing on the Magnolia Bakery cookbook. But then the new Pioneer Woman cookbook was released. At first, I didn’t feel like purchasing it. To be honest, I was having thoughts about scraping the whole project and possibly shutting down the blog when my subscription plan was up at the end of November.

But then, I looked at the pictures of Super Easy online and decided to buy it, hoping that it would spark the inspiration needed to continue on with the project. Well, no surprise here: it did!

Ree’s new cookbook is beautiful and has dozens of recipes that are begging to be made. It definitely gave me the inspiration I’ve been looking for. However, I realized that part of the reason why I tend to “stray” from these cook-through project is due to the large amount of recipes I have to make over the course of the project. It overwhelms me.

So, I went back to the drawing board and one day while driving to or from work (I can’t remember which it was, honestly), I had a new idea! I would tackle Ryan Cooks the Pioneer Woman Project by cookbook! Focusing on one cookbook may help me stay more focused on the project and feel a small sense of accomplishment each time I make a recipe.

I’ve decided to give myself the liberty of not necessarily going through the cookbooks in order. And as of writing this, I haven’t really decided which one I want to begin with, but I hope to make that decision soon.

So, that said, in November I will, once again, be making the PW recipes. And I’ll be announcing which cookbook soon!


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