Kitchen Updates

My family has decided to take a little trip out of town. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join them, due to work commitments. But, while I won’t be able to get away, I will be able to cook a lot while I’m home by myself.

Now that I’ll be responsible for my own meals over the next seven days or so, I am going to use my day off today to figure out what types of meals I wish to make. Of course, I will need to include some baking in there, too! In fact, I have been recipe testing a chocolate chip cookie recipe and I’m getting closer to the finished product! Hopefully by the end of the month if will be up on the blog.

I recently purchased some lighting instruments for my food photography. After I made the cookie recipe last night, I decided to play around with some things. This was one of the shots my friend and I took.

I also hope to use this opportunity to knock out at least one PW recipe. Then I’ll be at five recipes so far. (One will be appearing on the blog next week and it’s a really fun one!) I’m thinking of doing a meat-based recipe. Thought, since I am the only one home and I’m trying to reduce my meat consumption a bit, maybe that isn’t the best idea. Oh well, guess I’ll have to bake something!

Since I plan to go to the grocery store today, I was rummaging around the cabinets figuring out what I need to buy so I can have some sustenance over the next week. In one of the cabinets, tucked away, I found a 13-bean soup mix. I vaguely remember seeing this make its way between the front and back of the cabinet over the last year or so. But, I think it’s time it got a little bit of love.

So, this weekend, I’m going to create a soup recipe around this 13-bean soup mix. That way I can have a plant based meal that will last for a few days and make planning for lunch quick and easy next week. If I enjoy the recipe I came up with, I’ll put it on the website as well.

I used the rounded image feature because I thought it looked artsy. No? Was it just me? Oh well.

There’s a lot going on this weekend and over the next few days that’s blog-related. Or at least, I hope there is! I guess next week we will see how much I actually accomplished.

Until next time…


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