PW Countdown 6

With only one more day to go before our FIRST Pioneer Woman recipe review comes to the website, we are highlighting Ree’s most recent cookbook. The New Frontier was published in the Fall of 2019 and discusses how life can sometime change quickly, or not so quickly. Now that Ree doesn’t have to cook for as many mouths, her recipes are changing. She’s also using more current kitchen appliances like an Instapot. She’s also cooking healthier meals, some of them meatless!

Though this is a wonderful cookbook and does contain some modern food trends. There’s also a font change which may take some getting used to.

Soon, though, Ree will be publishing her 7th cookbook. It comes out in October and I can’t wait to get my copy!

PW Countdown 4

Today, we are taking a trip back in time to Ree’s second cookbook. Much like her first one, this one is more of blog-feel, but this one has more recipes than her first cookbook. Everyone looks so young on the cover! Look at the kids. Some wonderful and tasty recipes are included in this book, many of them comfort food. I can’t wait to dive right in!

PW Countdown 3

Today, we are featuring one of Ree’s more recent cookbooks. Come and Get It is a cookbook filled with recipes for the modern home-cook: sheet pan suppers, meals ready in under 40 or 20 minutes, but it also includes recipes for days when you need to impress someone or want to go that extra mile. Personally, I find this cover the least inviting (I think it’s the green cover), but so far the recipes seem to be holding up!

PW Countdown 2

Today, we are featuring Ree’s holiday-themed cookbook.

Her third cookbook and her largest (to date) features recipes for almost every holiday you would need. Sure, there’s the standard Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, there also New Year’s Eve, Father’s Day, Easter, and Cinco de Mayo!

Packed with ready to go menus, this cookbook will help make your holiday meal stress-free. That way you can spend more time with your loved ones.

This cookbook contains some wonderful recipe including a few different versions of Ree’s Thanksgiving Dressing (what we in the north call “stuffing”), Dr. Pepper Cupcakes, and Three-Meat Lasagna which is perfect for Father’s Day. Also, make sure to make Platter of Darkness for Halloween. It’ll be a real treat!

PW Countdown 1

Today is the first day of our countdown to the first PW recipe. Each day I will be featuring one of Ree’s currently published cookbooks.

Today’s is her first cookbook, published over 10 years ago. I figured that first one was a great place to start, but the books won’t be featured in publication order.

Coming off her blog-roots, this cookbook is much more blog-like than her other cookbooks and other cookbooks in general. With less than 65 recipes, this a quick cookbook but really gives you a peek inside her life on the ranch. Family and farm stories are featured throughout its pages, but that doesn’t over shadow the food.

It was a great first cookbook for Ree and features some of her staple recipes like Chicken Fried Steak, Egg-in-the-Hole, and Cinnamon Rolls. I can’t wait to make the cinnamon rolls, they’re one of my favorite treats!

Come back tomorrow where we will feature another cookbook as we continue the countdown to the revamped blog.

It’s Almost Here!

In exactly one week, this blog will start to feature Pioneer Woman recipes instead of Barefoot Contessa recipes.

So, in celebration, each day for the next week I am going to feature one of Ree’s currently published cookbooks. Then on September 1st, the first recipe review will post.

Get ready for a fun line-up of posts and Pioneer Woman-themed content.

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A Quick Foodie Update

Hi There

As mentioned in one of the posts last week, this blog is in the process of switching themes, chefs, gears, if you will!

Beginning on September 1st, I will be focusing my cooking endeavors on the Pioneer Woman’s recipes instead of the Barefoot Contessa. You can read more about the change itself and why I felt I needed it in this post.

So, in order to prepare for this and have a few posts ready to go right off the bat, I’ve been busy cooking some of the recipes from the Pioneer Woman. I can’t wait to share them with you!

Check out the blog on September 1st, for the first PW recipe review.

Until then, readers….

Herbal Update 8/11/2021

Late last week, I finished the Client Care section. Now, I am able to officially begin the the Master Clinical Herbalist course! For those that are interested, here is a link to the course.

To say I’m excited, is an understatement. When I was in college, and first discovering the world of herbal medicine, this course was one of the first ones that I stumbled upon. But, at the time, the cost was prohibitive for someone who only worked during the summer months. But now, since I’ve taken the plunge and begun the Phytotherapy Diploma, this course is included.

The Master Herbalist course seems to be one of the best ones on the market and it seems to be rather in-depth. Like I said, I’ve been waiting a few years to do this program. Even though I have taken other herbal courses in the past, I never really followed the program correctly. Meaning, I didn’t experiment with herbs, I didn’t make things. I read the materials, took the quizzes, but nothing really stuck. I didn’t get my hands dirty — I didn’t learn much.

I’m hoping for that to change with this program. I am hoping to make some herbal remedies and really get down and dirty with the herbs. This is also the portion of the Diploma program that I’ve been waiting for to make this part of the blog (the herbalism section) more than just updates. I have a few topics planned for this section specifically.

That’s all for now….

I Have An Announcement To Make

BIIIG Changes Are Coming!

After a lot of thought, I have decided to make a substantial change to this website and the project.

For almost a year and after completing over 50 Barefoot Contessa recipes, I’ve hit a wall. I have been an Ina Garten fan since my childhood and I started this project because of my interest in her and her cooking style. However, eventually, I realized something about Ina Garten’s recipes: they are not who I am.

Meaning, they’re a little upscale. Many of the recipes call for expensive, “good” ingredients, she has recipes for a lot of things that I do not eat (pork and lamb, I’m looking at you!), and her taste buds are a little more “refined” than mine. Basically, her cooking and eating style does not match my own.

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