My Birthday and the Cake!

My birthday was earlier this week, and as hinted at in last week’s post, I decided to bake my own cake!

After many recipe page views and checking a handful of different food blogs, I finally settled on one! I ended up going back to a tried and true baking blog, Sally’s Baking Addiction. This website features so many options to chose from, that it took a while to narrow it all down. I eventually decided on German Chocolate Cake!

I chose this for a few reasons. The first being, it still seemed kind of birthday-cake like. Plus, the different “parts” of the recipe allowed me to test my skills as a baker.

The first part was the cake layers themselves. This recipe (like many on Sally’s website) is a three-layer cake. I mean…who wouldn’t want an extra layer, right? This was a straight forward recipe, but the result was amazing! The cake layers were soft and light and the chocolate flavor was strong but not too strong, like I’ve seen in some other recipes that use coffee.

The second part was the filling. It is a German chocolate cake after all, so you needed that famous filling of pecans and coconut. Sally’s recipe resulted in a flavorful filling that was just the right amount of sweet.

Finally, the third part: frosting! What’s a cake without frosting? Since I am a frost-a-holic (Did I just make a new word??), I deviated from her recipe and decided to bathe the entire cake in a chocolate buttercream frosting. At first, I was afraid the cake would be too sweet with all that frosting, but it wasn’t.

This cake, though large, did not stick around for too long. There’s only a little left and I can’t wait to have another piece!

Some progress pics!


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