Barefoot Contessa Recipe 49 Boston Cream Pie

This recipe can be found in Comfort Food.

Over the weekend, some members of my family got together for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. It was nice to see some of these people after many months of not being able to do so.

With my new interest in baking, it was requested that I make dessert. Of course, I obliged. In fact, I made not only one, but two different desserts for the soiree.

The first dessert is one that caught my eye immediately upon thumbing through Ina’s latest cookbook. I’m not sure if it was the stellar food photography, the head notes, or the dessert itself. But Ina’s Boston Cream Pie was one I knew I had to make — and soon!

In the cookbook, Ina states that it took her almost 9 years to develop and perfect this recipe! And let me tell you: it is amazing! It was also well-received by the party guests. Ina is famous for creating simple recipes and enhancing classic dishes. Her Boston Cream Pie is definitely unlike anything you have tasted before. The additions of brandy and Grand Mariner allow the orange flavors to come alive and throw your taste buds a dance party!

This recipe was a multi-step process, but nothing was too overwhelming. It also allowed me to work on many different skills such as making pastry cream, chocolate ganache, and a sponge cake.

Here’s some photos of the various parts in the whole

The pastry cream which was flavored with brandy and Grand Mariner.
Melting chocolate for the ganache! This recipe combined bittersweet with semi-sweet chocolate to make a ganache that wasn’t too sweet.

And finally….

The finished cake! If you ask me, it looks like an over-sized Boston Cream Pie donut. But I guess that’s the point, right?

Happy baking!

No Recipes Again

Last weekend was busy for me! Which was great, in a way, since it was the first busy weekend for me in a while. But it also meant that I didn’t get a chance to bake or cook. So, there will not be a recipe update this week.

I do plan to post and herbal update later in the week though, so stayed tuned!

Barefoot Contessa Recipe 48 Chicken Piccata

This recipe can be found in Barefoot Contessa At Home

Last week, dinner was a simple chicken dish. And I have to say, I think I like Ina’s recipe for Chicken Piccata better than any I’ve had at a restaurant before! The simplicity of this recipe makes it a stellar recipe for weeknights. But it’s also elegant enough to serve for a special occasion.

Chicken Piccata, in Ina’s version, is simply breaded chicken cutlets in a lemon sauce. I did make a few changes so the recipe would be healthier (and less messy) but I think the general idea still comes through.

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Weekend Baking May 8, 2021

For a few months now, I have been OBSESSED with a baking blog I stumbled across one afternoon. Sally’s Baking Addiction, is my go-to place to find wonderful recipes that are well-tested and taste just as good as they look!

So far, I’ve made a few of her recipes and they’ve always turned out great. Shortly after signing up to receive her blog’s emails, I learned that she offers a monthly baking challenge. Which I thought would be a great thing for me to do. Usually, the recipes she chooses for the monthly challenge are complex and have special skills or non-standard ingredients. Other times they are just technically involved. Such as macaroons or hand pies.

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Cookbook Haul!

Over the weekend, I was in the need for some retail therapy. Naturally, I went to one of my favorite stores: Barnes & Noble. Even though I work in Library, there is nothing like going to a bookstore — for me, at least.

I decided that I would buy a book upon getting there, but the question remained: which one? There are thousands to choose from. But I figured a new cookbook couldn’t hurt and specifically, I wanted one that focused on baking. Sure a regular cookbook would most likely have some baking recipes, but I wanted some all baking.

After doing some browsing I stumbled upon The King Arthur All Purpose Baker’s Companion. This is a book that I have heard only good things about for some time. Plus, I really like King Arthur’s flour, so I knew that this book would be worth the purchase.

Upon getting home, I began to thumb through it and so far I’m very impressed. I can’t wait to start baking from it!

Once I have a few recipes baked from it, I’ll do a proper cookbook review. Be sure to check back often for that!