Herbal Update 4/13/21

Another Module of Science

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on the second module of the Phytotherapy Diploma program at Heart of Herbs school. This module is a bit more self-directed than the other one was. Which makes things a little more difficult for me. While there are clear guidelines for what I should be studying, making sure I study each point can be a challenge.

That said, I do hope to finish this module by the end of the month. I have been able to dedicate time to studying for the herbal program almost every night for the last two weeks. This has helped a lot with consistency and feeling like I am “doing something.”

Soon, I will be turning my attention to the quiz at the end of the module. Everything is open-book/open-note in this program. So, I’ve started a Google Doc with the questions and I notate the answer as I come across it. Many of the questions are multiple choice, but there are five short answer ones. I will begin working on those this week.

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I am really looking forward to the next module of this program: Ethnobotany. This is something I’ve had an interest in since college when I first took a botany class. Interestingly, I was also enrolled in a couple anthropology courses that same semester. So, I think the blending of the two piqued my interest.

While I am looking forward to the Ethnobotany module, the true herbalism studies are still a bit of ways away. There are a couple more modules to complete before I can officially begin the Master Clinical Herbalist program. This is the place where I think my interest will really pick up with this program and I will fall in love with herbal medicine once again. It is also where I hope that these herbal updates become a little more interesting to read (and write, if I’m being honest).

I totally understand the need for the background in the sciences that we are studying such as human A&P, botany, microbiology, etc. After all, one of the reasons why I opted for the full PTD (Phytotherapy Diploma) is because it includes all this other information. I know, deep down, I will have a more well-rounded understanding of all things herbs by the time this journey is over. But, I’m really looking forward to making my own medicine, growing herbs, and feeling a connection to them.

Program Evaluation/Notes

There were a few reasons why I decided to I wanted to document my herbal journey while completing this program. You can read about them in more detail in this post. But, I also want to use this opportunity to help others if they feel inclined to go on an herbal journey themselves. So, every so often, I will kind of “review” the program I am doing. My reviews will always be honest, but polite. Also, since this program was recently re-done, there still may be some kinks that the school is working out. REMEMBER: These opinions are my own. I am not getting any type of compensation from any herbal school to write a review of their programs, whether it be positive or negative.

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When I first began this program I was extremely impressed. The first unit in the Phytotherapy program is a welcome unit which is very helpful. It goes over housekeeping information. The first module with actual course material for my PTD program is on Human Anatomy & Physiology. I was impressed with this unit. Included in the course was an A&P coloring book that some students may benefit from. After a few general units pertaining to this topic, each subsequent unit was dedicated to a certain body system. For many of these body systems, there were PowerPoint presentations, embedded course videos, handouts, and more. Each unit ended with a quiz or some type of activity.

To be honest, since this course was quite costly, I was hesitant at first. I had thoughts over if it would be worth my money. After completed the A&P module, I was started to feel better about it.

Then I began the botany unit, which was one I was looking forward to. As mentioned above, this unit is a little more self-directed than the other module. And for me, that was a bit of a disappointment. I know that over the course of this program, this material is covered a few more times. But, I thought a little more effort would have been put in by the course creators. It’s basically a list of topics that need to be covered, a PowerPoint, a handout, a video and then the 50+ question quiz.

I will admit that the book that’s included with this module, Botany in a Day is one I’ve been wanting for a while. And that has proved helpful and I can’t wait to start looking at different flowers and plants and using it in the field.

I’m not saying that I’m not learning anything from this module. I was just expecting a little more direction/guidance on something that pertains directly to herbs.

We will see what the Ethnobotany module is like in a few weeks!

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One thought on “Herbal Update 4/13/21

  1. I am so glad you are going down this path. I find it exciting and can’t wait to try your medicines/teas/lotions etc.


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