Barefoot Contessa Recipe 42: Couscous with Toasted Pine Nuts

This recipe can be found in How Easy is That?, page 195.

Even though Salmon with Melting Tomatoes had a built-in side dish, I still needed one more thing to truly round out the meal. Enter: Couscous with Toasted Pine Nuts.

I still had some pine nuts from when I made gremolata a few weeks back. At least that’s where I think I used the pine nuts originally. I can’t really remember. So many recipes. But I wanted to use them up since I didn’t really know how long they would “keep.” I was storing them in the fridge since they are nuts, after all. And since nuts have oil, they can spoil! (Thanks Rachael Ray)

Luckily this recipe used them all up. Sadly, I will have to buy them again at some point and fork over almost $10 for like 5 ounces of nuts. But that’s a story for another time.

I’m just going to admit it right at the start. I kind of cut some corners with this recipe. I used water with bouillon cubes instead of chicken stock, I didn’t use onion, and I didn’t really season anything. I basically took her idea and made it my own.

Though, sadly, it didn’t turn out the way Ina would have wanted it to or intended this recipe to. But that’s ok. I’m still counting it because I think I got the jist of the recipe despite by changes.

This recipe does have potential to be really tasty. And since there’s another recipe that is basically the same thing (I think just the herb is different), I will have another opportunity to really experience the flavors of this dish.

There is no separate photo for this dish, so here is the same picture from yesterday once again.


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