Starting Something New

While this blog has started out as a food blog that focused on Ina Garten recipes, it’s constantly evolving. Over the last few months I’ve taken steps to widen the content of this site in order to align better with things that I want to write about.

After all, this is my little corner of the Internet, so I can do that 🙂

I’ve come to really enjoy the blogging experience. I know I do not have many readers, but I appreciate the ones that I do! It makes me so happy when one of you “likes” my posts or just takes a moment to poke around my little site.

In keeping with having this blog always being a place of change and reflecting who I am as a person, I’ve decided to spread my wings a bit with what kind of content I publish here. So, I’ve started a new venture in life, and don’t worry an entire post (possibly even more posts!) will be dedicated to it. But for now, the gist of it all is: I’ve started to once again dabble in herbal medicine. Some people, myself included call this “Herbalism.” Eventually, I will have a special section dedicated to it.

But first, some things…

What is Herbalism?

Herbalism is somewhat of a catch-all term that looks into the study of herbal remedies to help with common ailments. Some people, myself included, broaden the definition of “herbalism” to also include the use of plants in religious ceremonies, such as Wicca and other pagan paths.

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However, most of the posts on this site will feature the secular uses of herbs in health and wellness. Not so much the Wiccan traditions.

Why Is This Here?

One of the many things that I’ve learned about myself over the last few months, was that this blog has helped keep me accountable. In a way, it forces me to write almost daily, to cook recipes, to post content, to take photos.

Now, I’m hoping it can help me stay on this herbal path. I will have a post coming soon that discusses my newly renewed interest in herbal medicine and explaining the course I recently enrolled in.

What Type of Posts Can I See in Herbalism?

The Herbalism category/page will be mostly a journal for my studies while completing the program(s) I signed up for. They will feature a variety of content including long-form writing, short-form writing, pictures, recipes, maybe even videos!

It will basically become my journal and a way to track my studies in this aspect of my life. Much like the Recipe Reviews category is the journal for the Barefoot Contessa recipes.

It seems that this blog has evolved to becoming more or less a life-style blog than just a food blog. I’m ok with that. I hope you are, too! After all, my original goal with blogging was to make a journal about things going on in my life, things I am learning, cooking, and more. Eventually I may change the name of the blog to reflect this change, but for now, I’ll keep Ryan’s Kitchen Journal. It still covers all the bases for now…the herbal remedies will be made in the kitchen anyway.

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