Recipe #26 Chocolate Chunk Blondies

This recipe can be found in Foolproof, page 233.

Today, I am off from work so I decided to make a couple recipes. One of them is this amazingly yummy dessert. The other is a vegetable dish that will serve as a side for tonight’s dinner.

These Chocolate Chunk Blondies are basically a chocolate chip cookie in bar form. However, they are super dense and chocolately, so they hit that spot a little differently than a cookie would.

Ina recommends baking them in 8.5 inch by 12 inch by 2 inch pan, but I don’t have one of those, so I used one slightly smaller. However, I probably should have used the 13 by 9 inch pan we have. Regardless, they came out great!

I like that this recipe calls for chocolate chunks over chocolate chips since chunks tend to have more of chocolate flavor. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because they are larger? The more surface area? Who knows!

These will make an excellent dessert tonight! I can’t wait to try one.

The cookies before being baked.

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