Recipe #24 Confetti Corn

This recipe appears in Back to Basics, page 160.

As the side dish for the Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas I made for dinner last Friday, I decided to keep with the Mexican theme and a make corn side. This looks like a simple corn dish, but since it’s from Ina Garten, we know that the dish takes a humble corn side dish and cranks up the flavor volume.

There isn’t much to say about this flavorful and easy side dish. It combines uncooked corn (I used canned corn since it’s winter), a red onion, a pepper, and some spices to add color and flavor to what would be an otherwise bland dish. This is totally one that should be in your back pocket for large crowds since it has the potential too feed around a dozen people.

I did modify the recipe and used a red pepper instead of an orange one and I changed up the spices. As long as the spices you choose work well together, you shouldn’t have an issue with this dish being tasty.

(The photo of this dish is in the header image above!)


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