Christmas Recipes

I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Christmas!

I did not do too much cooking over the last few days, but I did end up making a Yule Log cake and keeping with the theme of this blog, I learned a few things.

I found a recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction for the cake, but I chose to modify it a bit. For example, I did not use hazelnuts. Instead, I used peppermint extract and crushed up candy canes to give it a little peppermint flavor. Unfortunately, the cake ended up having a little too much peppermint flavor overall.

I didn’t use the extract in the cake itself, but I did throw in a bit in both the whipped cream filling and the chocolate ganache. The other thing I learned from this experience was if I make it again, I’d need more whipped cream for the filling. It came out a little thin in between the rounds of cake.

One of the reasons why I wanted to attempt this recipe was because of its many steps and techniques needed. However, once I started making it, the part that I thought would be the most difficult (rolling the cake) was actually the easiest and least stressful.

Isn’t it funny how things turn out sometimes?

The completed cake. Excuse the messy counters!

And here is a cutaway of the cake….see what I mean about needing more whipped cream?

The sugared cranberries where yummy though!


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