Cooking This Weekend

The weekend is already upon us! Well, mine is at least — since I don’t work on Fridays.

I will not be cooking tomorrow, Friday, but I do plan to cook on Saturday. But, as usual, I do not know what that will be just yet. I will most likely cook something for dinner, so I may do a full Ina-themed meal and knocked out two or three recipes in one go. That would be an ideal, but I’m not sure if it will happen.

I guess a good place to start would be with the main dish, right?

Once I know what that will be, deciding on the sides will be much easier.

I’m still hoping to do a Night of Appetizers at some point, which will help me tackle the many of the recipes that I’ve been neglecting. But there are soo many good ones in there!

One day, one recipe at a time, right??


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