Is the Expensive Vanilla REALLY Worth It??

The other day I was poking my way around Ina’s website and I realized that she uses vanilla that costs around $33 for 4 fluid ounces. It’s from Madagascar and I’m sure it’s excellent.


Is it REALLY worth that much money? How does it compare to the McCormick one that I buy and use?

I know she wants us to use the BEST ingredients, but I can’t bring myself to spend more than a tank of gas on vanilla extract. To me, it doesn’t really seem worth it. After all, you use so very little in each recipe. In fact, I remember one day I made chocolate chip cookies (not Ina’s, Tollhouse actually) and I forgot to add the vanilla to that recipe and I couldn’t even tell the different.

So really, it doesn’t seem necessary to spend that much money on something that usually gets overpowered by other flavors.

However, there may be a time when I have some extra cash that I’d be willing to buy it. After all, four ounces will last for quite a bit of time if you’re just using a teaspoon or two here and there.

Luckily it’s also sold at the Williams-Sonoma I went to last week, so I can get it easier.

But for now, I’ll stick to the McCormick brand and pretend that I can justify spending all that money on dark brown vodka.


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